Meet Zulu.

Zulu is a virtual DJ mixing software program provided by NCH Software, a business audio software company that was established in 1993. They develop software for more than 100 Mac, Palm Pocket and Windows applications. A few of the company’s other popular programs include WavePad Sound Editor, an application used primarily for audio editing via advanced tools and audio effects; Prism Video File Converter, an application that is able to convert video files so that they are compatible with myriad different formats on the PC and the Mac; and Switch Sound File Converter, a comprehensive and stable sound converter application program that allows you to convert and compress sound files.
Zulu has a great user interface packed with advanced features and versatility. As the best overall DJ mixing software, Zulu earns the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

Some of the other features included in this DJ mixing software are the ability to cross fade between tracks, preview tracks via headphones, automatic beat detection, real-time pitch and tempo control and keyboard hot keys. Once a track is loaded onto a deck, amateur DJs have the ability to automatically scan files to assign a BPM (beat per minute) and switch around the tempo in order to synchronize it perfectly.
DJs can also utilize this software’s built-in, drag-and-drop feature to move music anywhere within the program and can preview tracks before they play them. The program supports all of the current file formats used for audio tracks.

Zulu allows you to apply effects like distortion, reverb and delay on the fly. This DJ mixing software product is one that quite simply grooves to the beat of its own drummer. That is to say that it can virtually do everything you expect a DJ program to do. The program is completely compatible with virtually every single audio file formats, including .avi, .mpg ,.mpeg, .wmv, .asf, .wav, .mp3, .wma, .aif, .aiff and .amr. It can also be used with any USB audio DJ mixing console, such as an audiophile turntable, music studio bundle and a fast track ultra audio interface.

When it comes to DJ mixing software program performance, there are not too many that can hold a candle to Zulu. The program has a superior ability to apply its many performance features in real-time, along with its comprehensive and individualized BPM settings and intuitive interface makes this a near perfect DJ mixing software program.
Some of the other performance features that are related to this amateur DJ mixing software program and offered through their parent company NCH Software include music editing software, CD ripper, MP3 converter, software that allows you the ability to digitize vinyl records, multi-track music recording and audio file converter.

Those who decide to purchase this DJ mixing software should know that their customer service and technical support is as complete and comprehensive as it gets. Along with a page dedicated solely to rooting out and fixing bugs within the company’s software products, NCH Software has taken the various theories, concepts and ideas that go along with customer service and technical support and turned them into functional, tangible and creative tools. They provide a number of these different help and support category options on their website. Their support system includes an email contact form on which they also provide direct links to their purchasing, activation and registration support pages.
The company has also created an informative and interactive customer forum section on their site, on which many of your potential questions can be answered or discussed by other users. This can sometimes prove to be a more valuable source of help and information than company-administered technical support because it tends to be a more comfortable, relaxed and simplified method that’s normally free of confusing and obscure technical industry jargon.
Another option for customer service and technical support that this company offers is a support plan. These are available for a nominal fee and tend to provide a more comprehensive and continuous form of support than the email contact page or the forums.
A third option for customers and potential customers to get help is their Frequently Asked Questions page. On this page, you can find out if Zulu is MIDI compatible (not at the present time), how to purchase the Masters version of the DJ software and its cost, all of the file formats that this program supports and many other pricing, sales and purchasing answers.
And finally, NCH Software has put together a software suggestions and feedback page. This is the place where you can tell the company all of your ideas for improvements to their current line of software products, including Zulu DJ, you can also input any thoughts or suggestions you might have for them in regards to how they can make the best use of emerging technologies and features for their products. Customers and individuals can also submit a suggestion on new programs they think NCH Software should research and develop in the future. If the company uses your idea, they will set you up with a copy of the new product for free.

In an extremely competitive field of DJ mixing software, Zulu stands just a bit taller than all of the rest. The intuitive and advanced features of this program, including a user-friendly, simple and straightforward interface, help them rise to the top of our rankings. The software is compatible with most, if not all, audio formats, including wav, mp3 and wma.
Perhaps the most impressive feature of this DJ mixing software is the somewhat intangible feature of technical support and customer service. Not only does the company provide multiple sources for contacting their support staff, they also provide customer forums and a free version of the software for non-commercial use. In this way, potential customers can see the functions and features of the DJ software up close and in-person, allowing the individual to play around with it for a while and possibly answer any lingering questions they still have bouncing around in their head. The free downloadable version of the software also comes with a help manual, which users can open and print from within the software program itself.

alternative for old Atomix DJ.
HERE u can download Zulu DJ Software

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